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A & B Family Appiance Store - Jim

Jim & Anne

Jim is a local product who met Anne on active duty in the US Army in 1981. They married in 1983 and have traveled the mid–west after the military for the engineer or nursing profession. Returning home with their 4 children to RI in 1998, they opened a Bed & Breakfast in Narragansett and Jim worked at Raytheon in Portsmouth. Anne has since returned to full time employment as a Nurse Practitioner at Thundermist Health Clinic while Jim tried his hand at franchising with the Sears store for over 6 years. Not feeling the true fulfillment of total customer support he has gone all–in with the new A & B Family Appliance Store.

Anne is a crucial element of the management team, and so are many South Countyites as the sales, service and delivery teams. The store receives product from a very capable supplier and distributor called BrandSource/AVB with offices across the country. They carry all the top brands and deliver to the store on a regular basis.

Ribbon Cutting

Ribbon Cutting Event

Jim & Anne - Past

Jim & Anne’s Old Store

The store focuses on large and small appliances, dinette sets (from a New England supplier), generators and snow blowers, TVs and more. We even offer used appliances for when a new one is just not the right fit. In fact, we offer ‘appliance trade–in’ days where you get credit for your working appliance, and many other promotions that are unique to this store.

Look for the ‘Open for Business’ sign and enjoy a totally local and family friendly kind of appliance store. As Jim loves to say, ‘Shop from your neighbor with clout like the mayor.’

A & B Logo

The Story of Our Logo

Now that more and more people are seeing our logo and stopping in, we are getting several questions about it. They don’t stand for anyone’s first or last name. Most of the credit goes to my wife Anne while brainstorming for a name in early 2013. These letters more than less represent ideals or groups that we think are central to who we are. The ampersand has a set of wings and a construction hat on it. The wings represent angels as personified by nurses in our society. The construction hat signifies the hard work and efforts of all building professions. When my wife and I met in the military I was a combat engineer and she a nurse. So the A & B are the Angels and Builders that are so critical to our society (and military – the way we saw it). It really fits nicely to what we see as the theme of our appliance business. We can be helpers and/or build that foundation for solid appliances (read ‘tools’) to help our customers ease their daily chores. It didn't hurt that the abbreviation is nice and early in the alphabet… So stop by, and give us a chance to ease your daily chores. Corny, but new appliances will do just that. Thanks for your time.